Developed by professional trainers Vaughn Compton and Brendon Lavender, the VBA has created one of the most effective training systems in the world 


Take a look at our training options:

Private (1-on-1)

Ventura Basketball Academy 1-on-1 training sessions focus on molding players into the ideal player they envision becoming.  VBA strategically designs each drill so that your athlete's weaknesses become strengths.  To book your 1-on-1 private training session, click Private 1-on-1.


Private Duo (1-on-2)

Our Private 1-on-2 a huge attraction for players who crave competition.  Each player will receive the individual attention they need, as well as detailed instruction to guarantee their development.  To schedule a Private Duo, click Private Duo.

Private Trio (1-on-3)

Training by yourself can help improve your basketball abilities, but training with a 1-2 other players can help you analyze each other’s game to really take your game to the next level. Our training staff will challenge each player so that they can experience adversity and failure, ultimately preparing them to handle challenges in the game.  To schedule a Private Trio, please click Private Trio.

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