The perfect team — Dedicated to the process, VBA will provide the ultimate basketball training experience.

Vaughn Compton - VBA Head Trainer

Vaughn Compton is an Elite Skills Specialist who works with players from the NBA to the beginners level. Co-founder of VBA, Vaughn has developed one of best basketball training programs on the West Coast. VBA's empire is based in Scottsdale, Arizona where Vaughn holds daily training sessions for players at every level. Vaughn also travels the states for camps and clinics so is very accessible to players all over the world. His passion for teaching innovative basketball fundamentals allows him to connect with players so that they are able to exceed all their goals. 

Contact Coach Vaughn at // Instagram: coachvc88

Brendon Lavender - VBA Head Trainer

Brendon Lavender is co-founder, and Elite Skills Specialist for the VBA. After playing pro ball he found love in the world of player development.  Using all his resources and basketball experience Brendon has quickly molded himself into one of the top basketball trainers in the world.  His in-game skill level is an obvious advantage, but most importantly his teaching of high level innovative fundamentals is what separates him from the rest.  Brendon has an collection of training workouts for players in the NBA to d-league, to overseas and the college level.  He also travels the world for elite camps and clinics.  

Contact Coach Brendon at // Instagram: 24DONTMISS

Princeton Steele - VBA Beginners Skills Coach

Princeton Steele does an outstanding job working with our youth.  He has came up with an innovative system to teach the simple fundamentals of basketball to the beginner level players.  Princeton provides daily clinics and private lessons to (beginners only). This new addition has given us the opportunity to grow high level players from when they first touch a basketball.  To schedule a training session please contact Vaughn Compton.

Contact Coach Princeton at // Instagram: HEIRTOTHETHRONE_22

Ethan Luloff - VBA Assistant & Head Management