The perfect team — Dedicated to the process, VBA will provide the ultimate basketball training experience.

Trains: 13yrs old - Pros

Vaughn Compton - VBA Head Trainer

Vaughn Compton is an Elite Skills Specialist who works with players from the NBA to grade school.  After winning back-to-back state championships at local basketball powerhouse, Mesa Mountain View High School, Vaughn's college basketball career was cut short after he suffered three consecutive torn ACL's.  After his third ACL repair surgery, he realized that playing collegiately and professionally was no longer an option.  That is when he developed his passion for teaching the game of basketball.  Vaughn's ability to motivate and pay attention to the details of skill development has quickly made him one of the top basketball trainers in the world. 

Contact Coach Vaughn at // Instagram: vaughn_compton

Trains: 13yrs old - Pros

Brendon Lavender - VBA Head Trainer

Brendon is an Elite Skills Specialist who works with players from the NBA to grade school.  After receiving 35 Division-I scholarship offers, Brendon decided to play for the University of Arizona.  After earning his college degree, Brendon continued his basketball career in Europe, where he played in Stockholm, Sweden for the White Eagles.  Once he came home in the off-season, Brendon found a new passion - basketball training.  He fell in love with teaching the game and developing players, which is why he has quickly risen to be one of the top basketball trainers in the world.  His high-level basketball experience gives him a unique outlook on the game and his love and passion for the game allows him to motivate and improve each player he trains.

Contact Coach Brendon at // Instagram: 24DONTMISS